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Meet Our New Assistant Research Officer  Adam!

Name: Adam
Age: 24 years old
From: England
Job: Assistant Research Officer
Duration of stay: 6 months

Why did you decide to come to Costa Rica?

I really want to build up my work experience and get a much more hands-on approach to conservation research, and for an ecologist, Costa Rica is incredible because it’s so biodiverse! It’s an opportunity to expand my career at the same time as travelling. I’d never really intended on coming to Costa Rica before, but when the opportunity came up, it was one I couldn’t turn down. I mean, who can say no to Costa Rica?!

What is your job going to be?

I’m excited to be guiding and assisting the research that Frontier is doing. I will be guiding teams of volunteers on treks and helping them with their projects.  I really enjoy this because it means I’m forced to learn constantly… It’s exciting to me to be continuously learning new things and being able to teach other people. Because I have a genuine passion for conservation, I can pass this on to volunteers; I definitely think the best way to learn is to teach!

What were your first weeks like?

It was pretty intense! On my first morning I did the hardest trek out of all our survey trails. This was called the Luna Trail, looking for monkeys, and required walking up lots of steep inclines! I was shattered! But pleasantly surprised and pleased by the end of it. I’m still getting used to waking up the crack of dawn!

I was overcome by how much wildlife there is everywhere – you go out for a monkey survey but could come back having seen a coati or something entirely different. For an ecologist this is really incredible!

What do you think about the camp?

It’s completely what I expected. The camp is well facilitated yet still exposed enough that we’re at the forefront of research. The jungle has everything right on our doorsteps that we need to collect data – we have the beach for turtle surveys and the amazing jungle for amphibian and monkey surveys! It’s perfect!

What are you most excited for during your time in Costa Rica

It’s definitely got to be seeing some of the big cats in person! I would be awesome to see an Ocelot. I think they’re so incredible and knowing that there is a chance to see them would be amazing. I am keen to get the camera trap project up and running so that we can catch a glimpse of one of these amazing animals. Yesterday we did an investigatory walk on the land which showed some really promising spots.

I’m also excited about a trip to Panama which I’m planning for half way through my contract. It’s so cool to be so close to other countries and getting to travel them is going to be really fun. After all, it’s another stamp for the passport collection!

What’s been your highlight so far in the last week?

Seeing a poison dart frog! We saw about four of them on the Leona loop primate trail. I love poison dart frogs and getting to see them in the wild was a great moment. Seeing an adult female Olive Ridley lay her eggs was also a great experience, but I have to say that the poison dart frogs take the top spot.

By Saskia Edwards - Costa Rica Media and Journalism Intern

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