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Six Months  Later

As I am packing my bags to leave the jungle behind after six months I don’t know if to feel happy or sad… I am excited to see all the people I missed and eat all the food I have been dreaming of, but also realise that I will leave this unique place behind!

6 months definitely brought it’s challenges, especially the first few months were rough. I had to not only get used to all the scary animals and the jungle ways of living, but also had to deal with the worst rainy season in 15 years! Looking back on it, rainy season was such a rare experience – I mean have you ever been stuck in a remote place with the fear of running out of food and clean underwear? As a little family we made it through and learned how to appreciate the dry season like no other! In December everything took a turn for the better: the sun returned, we were getting ready for Christmas and volunteer numbers increased. Since then time has flown by and I have had such an amazing time.

I feel so grateful for all the incredible animals I have seen: nesting turtles, hatchlings, a puma, a tapir, snakes, spiders, scorpions, all kinds of tropical birds and of course many, many monkeys. There is something unreal about a life where you wake up by the sound of howler monkeys to then go on a turtle patrol to bring hatchlings to the sea. It might sound cheesy but I have learned so much from living in such a remote place and it actually does make you appreciate the little things!

If I had to make a list of my favourite memories I wouldn´t even know where to start. Was it the night patrols where shooting stars almost became normal or the early mornings where we got to hike incredible trails like Luna and Leona? What about the day before Christmas where we got to see a puma or my trip to Corcovado where I saw a Tapir? Besides all the animals and amazing places I have seen I have met such amazing people who all became part of our jungle family. Friendships all over the world I will treasure! After one more night full of dancing the merengue and bachata it will be time for my final goodbye… Hasta Luego Carate, you will be missed! 

By Melanie Kouters - Costa Rica Field Communications Officer

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