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Jungle  Love

We get all sorts of people joining us at Camp Osita. Post graduates looking for experience, people on a career break, nature-lovers who have a few weeks off and the last 2 weeks we even had an engaged couple who share a love for birds and conservation!

Eli, 27 years old, born and raised in New Mexico US, studied physics and engineering and is now doing lab work in the same field. Jessica, 24 years old, also grew up in New Mexico, works at a veterinary clinic. They met each other about 10 months ago and quickly they realised they had a lot in common: their interest in nature, animals and the outdoors. After some exciting first dates full of hiking, dancing and rock-climbing they became really close and now, almost a year later, they are going to get married on the day they originally met!

With their shared interest in conservation and the outdoors they decided they wanted to go on a trip abroad together. After some research they found our Frontier project in Costa Rica and decided to sign up! Jessica is really into birding, something Eli wanted to get into too and our project here has a lot to offer when it comes to birds. They both said birding was a highlight to their trip and they absolutely loved to learn more about the Costa Rican birds.

Eli tells me the project has exceeded his expectations in terms of getting immersed in conservation minded community, camp life and the research part of the project. Overall he thought this was a great experience and feels completely recharged! The last weeks have reminded Jessica why she got into conservation in the first place and left her inspired to purchase her dream to find a job in conservation, something she wasn´t sure was possible anymore. She loves how everybody here shares the same passion for what we do and is very happy she decided to come here. After 2 weeks full of birds, monkeys, a trip to Corcovado, a typical Costa Rican party and many new friends they unfortunately had to head back to New Mexico. We are all very excited to see their wedding invites arriving at Camp Osita…

By Melanie Kouters - Costa Rica Field Communications Officer

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