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Things To Do Around  Carate!

Days on camp are quite busy, but we´ll always make sure there is enough free time to do some fun activities. This how we spend our free time…

- Beach Volleyball

With the beach just around the corner we like to spend a lot of time there and one of our favourite activities is beach volleyball! We all need some more training but sure have a lot of fun practicing.

- Trips to Matapalo

Matapalo is around an hour away from camp and it’s easy to get there and back to camp in 1 day on the collectivo. In Carate it is too dangerous to swim in the sea, which makes it even more rewarding to go to Matapalo and dive in there! There is a gorgeous beach there and a restaurant close by. Besides the beautiful beach there are also amazing waterfalls to explore. An amazing place to spend your weekend!

- Cascada Rica

Speaking of waterfalls… only 20 minutes walking from camp there is the ´Cascada Rica´ (named by our principal investigator Pascal), a beautiful waterfall where you can easily dip in to cool off!

- Bonfire bonding

We like to spend our evenings around the bonfire!

- Jungle pong

Everybody loves to play games around camp, a personal favorite: Jungle pong (ping pong but then jungle style!)

- Sunset and drinks at lookout

No better way to end your day then with an ice cold drink and Look Out´s amazing view…

By Melanie Kouters - Field Communications Officer

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