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It's All Happening In Costa  Rica

At the start of this week I officially survived 4 months in the jungle. In a way time has flown by, but on the other hand a lot has happened. The first months were rough because of rainy season. Being stuck on camp for days with constant rain was a challenge – which eventually let into an exciting evacuation. After these though days things took a turn for the better. I had an exciting visa run to Boquete (Panama) and after that the weather started to change. And who doesn´t wake up happy with a constant sunshine?!

It´s amazing how every week here brings something special with it. You either see an animal you have never seen before, you explore a new waterfall or get to know more about the locals. The week started with a rough turtle patrol where we only made it 100 meters onto the beach because we had to do so many excavations. We got to bring 14 hatchlings to the sea! The fifteenth hatchling unfortunately got caught by a hawk right before hitting the water. The little creatures face so many dangers that I´m almost surprised 1 in 1000 survives. Once we made it off the beach we thought we saw a Tyra, but it moved so cat-like we were unsure what it actually was. After doing some research we found out it was actually a jaguarondi! How unreal is that? A great start of the week if you ask me.

Camp life is great and we all live like a little family. So when it´s someone´s birthday we all pitch in to make it as special as possible. Belle turned 25 on Wednesday and we made sure we created a little party with exciting presents and snacks (which are a luxury in such a remote place). Starting with some drinks and jungle pong and ending in a cosy bonfire.

As a Field Communications Officer I am responsible for all the media content around Frontier Costa Rica. This means a lot of my week is involved around producing content. Currently we are working on a promotional video, which filled my mornings with interviews with the volunteers and my afternoons with filming activities around camp: waterfall trips, volleyball, workshops and surveys. Filming wildlife is quite a challenge and to get footage of a turtle nesting we had to wait on the beach while the others patrolled. After a few nights of no turtles, our walky-talky finally brought the news “We spotted a turtle!” we ran to the right sector of the beach with our equipment and created some amazing footage of a turtle nesting. A media filled and exciting week it was!  

By Melanie Kouters - Field Communications Officer

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