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Costa Rica Volunteer of the Week - Chris  Willerton!

My first week in Costa Rica has been interesting to say the least!  There has been so much to take in; the scenery, the wildlife surveys, and adapting to life in the jungle.

While at camp, there is a great deal of work to be done to both maintain our living environment and to expand and improve our infrastructure. So, there is always something be done, and we are rarely bored!

The camp is very well organized, so that even with 18 people on camp, all operations seem to go smoothly.  We have a diverse group of volunteers and staff, with nationalities ranging from The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, The U.S., and of course, The U.K.  And everyone gets along well, able to have a laugh as well as keep busy in this casual working environment.

In terms of the scenery and wildlife, it is something that cannot be put into words! The beauty and tranquility of the surrounding area makes it a very cleansing experience for everyone involved. A favorite pastime for everyone is watching sunset on the beach, simply gazing out to sea and relieving yourself of all worries.

The conservation and scientific side of our experiences here is incredibly interesting.   The surrounding forest is a delicate ecological web of dependence between organisms and other ecological factors.  The slightest negative influence can have a massive impact on the endemic wildlife. 

When i first arrived, my expectations were blown away; the Osa Peninsula is truely majestic! This can be observed by participating in the wildlife  surveys we conduct; surveys for sea turtles, amphibians and reptiles, mammals (primates) and birds, which provide opportunities to see these animals up close!

At this point in my adventure, to say I am impressed with the project and this part of Costa Rica would be a serious understatement! I am excited to continue my explorations and participation with the project, and even more so, continue to get to know my newly found friends/colleague.  

The atmosphere created by the species and the forest as an overall entity is something that, in my opinion, cannot be described. It is something that only be experienced first-hand.

By Chris Willerton - Costa Rica Volunteer

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