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Meet Our New FCO -  Ben!

Our new FCO Ben arrived in Costa Rica a few weeks ago. He will be working at the Frontier Costa Rica camp for the next 6 months. Time to get to know him…

Age: 33 years old
From: United States
Job: Field Communications Officer
Duration of stay: 6 months


What drew you to Costa Rica?

“Simple: I saw a job offer posted online for a position photographing and filming in Costa Rica, and thought that seemed really cool!”

Can you describe your role for frontier?

“I’m a field communications officer, but I’m focusing on filming and photography. At the moment I’m working on a few projects, from setting up tree cams for primates to promotional videos for Frontier.”

Can you tell us more about your background and how you ended up here?

“I have a long background in professional photography; I have worked as a filmmaker for TV commercials and TV shows and a photographer at weddings. I was actually looking for a bit of a change in direction, away from TV and into a field position. I’d really love to work abroad and have a career as a field journalist or a photographer.”

What has your first week been like? As you expected?

“It’s been better than I expected to be honest! I was warned about all the big bugs and other issues that come with jungle living but it’s nowhere near as bad as I thought. I grew up in in the South of America, in Tennessee, so I’m very used to bugs. And I spent a lot of time in Mississippi, Alabama and the gulf of Mexico so the heat doesn’t bother me too much either!”

What are you most excited for during your time in Costa Rica?

“I’m really excited to see if we can get any big cat tracks and hopefully some photos or film. I’ve been working with the team setting up primate cameras so hopefully we can do the same for the big cats and catch one on film! But generally, there’s been a lot of insane animals around and I’d love to see more.”

Where do you see yourself after leaving here?

“I’m really aiming to expand my portfolio and get experience in field photography. This is a great opportunity to change career direction and I also get to live in Costa Rica for 6 months!”

By Saskia Edwards - Media and Journalism Intern

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