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Immediately a Memorable  Experience

After being here only 5 minutes, I realised just how much of a unique and memorable experience this trip would shape up to be. Getting off the collectivo to be greeted by everyone from camp was a lovely gesture and, it shows the family spirit which runs through camp. On my way back to camp I was shown a video of a vine snake eating a frog which happened just before I arrived. Then a troop of squirrel monkeys passed overhead.

From there, my time here has gone from height to height. There are plenty of opportunities to take part in: The dolphin and snorkelling trip was incredible. We quickly came across a pod of Pantropical spotted dolphins which passed under the boat. We then stopped off at a wildlife sanctuary across the gulf. I got to feed a sloth and, see an Ocelot up close. Followed by snorkelling over the coral reefs where I got to see all kinds of exotic fish.

Additionally, another opportunity I have taken up is to go to the chocolate farm. It was fascinating to watch and being about to take part in each step. From seeing the cocoa fruit picked off the tree to the grinding of the beans. Also, I got to try a wide range of organic fruit which was grown on the farm. With the highlight of trying the delicious chocolate and getting a face mask of chocolate and coconut oil.

Finally, apart from the trips out, every day on camp is great! Being centred in the middle of a rainforest you get to see all kinds of wildlife. On only a 20 minute walk to ‘lookout’ you have a good chance of seeing; Squirrel and spider monkeys, White-faced Capuchins, Coatis, Scarlet Macaws and Toucans to list a few. There, you can relax and get cold drinks in the luxury eco-lodge overlooking the jungle canopy. 

By Max Whitely - Costa Rica Volunteer

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