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A Week in the Jungle  School


After being a week in jungle, I taught local children in the school English. I had support of a fellow volunteer who has in the past already taught the children English. On Tuesday we taught them the English words for parts of the human body. Not only did the kids learn that "la pierna" is leg in English, we learned that lips are "el labio". It is amazing to teach the children. They are very curious and bright.

They are interested and determined on learning everything. Because I did not want to overwhelm them with a lot of English words I only named the most important body parts but they wanted to know how lips, eyebrow, eyelashes and more are called in English. We taught them all of the words they were curious about.

In return they taught us that eyebrows are "las cejas" and a lot more. After we played some roll games which they enjoyed a lot. Each child has opened up a lot during these games. This was great to experience. How they would all play with each other and use the English words we just taught them. It really is wonderful to see how fast the children are able to learn.

They are amazing. I thought I would come here and teach the children a lot but it seems that they will teach me a lot more. 

By Yasmin Fehlmann - Costa Rica Jungle Teaching Volunteer

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