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5 Tips For First Time Travellers

So, it’s your first time leaving home for a long period of time. You may be super excited or you may be a little apprehensive about the journey ahead. Either way, this trip is a big deal and will be such an amazing and fun part of your life! Here are a few tips to clear up any of those first time traveller doubts…

1. Don’t be scared, the world is nowhere near as scary as you think

If you’re worried about being super out of your comfort zone and a bit scared of the unknown, don’t worry. That is perfectly normal.  Learn to enjoy these moments of uncertainty as they will help you learn and will be moments you look back on fondly.

2. Be prepared - not panicked

It’s imperative to be prepared when you travel. You need to sort out good insurance, back-up plans and have sufficient safety precautions, like safe places to keep valuables. However, don’t let this stress you out, as the rest is all easy. Once you have the details nailed, the rest will fall into place and you can focus on the good stuff.

3. Take each day at a time

If you’re away for a long period of time, don’t think too much about the future, as thinking too much about the future will ruin your present. Enjoy each day as it comes, and appreciate what you’re learning daily. It can be easy to feel homesick and everyone at some point will experience this, but know that time keeps moving and that you don’t get the chance to turn back time. So enjoy every moment!

4. Take pictures and write a diary

It can be super awkward to whack out your selfie stick and take pictures all the time. But just do it! Your memory will fade, so don’t be shy and just take pictures of the things you love. It’s also a great idea to keep a diary so that you can look back on your time and remember all the moments that weren’t camera worthy.  
5. Be conscientious, but carefree!

Travelling is the perfect opportunity to be free and let your hair down, but remember that you still have a responsibility for the yourself and the people around you. By taking care of your environment and other people, they will take care of you in return! And there´s easy ways to do it: respect other cultures, be conscious of the environment and clean up after yourself. You might also want to consider staying and eating at eco-friendly places instead of supporting the big commercial businesses.

So if it’s your first time away from home, do not fear. The world is not the big scary place that everyone says it is (those people are just jealous).  It is wonderful and full of magic and adventure. It’s just waiting for you to explore it!

By Saskia Edwards - Media and Journalism Intern

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