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Camp Friendlies

On our Costa Rica camp we have a whole host of wild and wonderful animals sharing our space. As the camp is situated just outside the Corcovado jungle, animals and insects are in abundance. Some we see rarely and others we are lucky enough to see regularly. Here are 5 cool creatures we consider our camp friends!

1. Baird’s Tapir

We hear this big mammal loitering around camp regularly. This big beautiful tapir is known to be incredibly timid, but we often hear him snuffling around camp and there have even been several sightings!

2. Blue Morpho butterfly
The Morpho butterfly is probably the most beautiful colour you will ever see. It is a stunning electric blue, with brown undersides. The butterfly itself is about the size of your hand and flutters through camp daily, catching the sunlight on its wings so you can’t miss it!

3. Monkeys
These cheeky creatures are a common occurrence! We see Capuchin, Spider and Howler. We see them swinging in the trees and travelling with their families. And in fact, the howler monkeys are our official alarm clock as they wake us up every morning around 5 with a chorus of calls that sounds like a lion!

4. Green tree frog
This cute little frog is always hopping around but is sometimes tricky to see as they are so small, about the size of a thumb nail. However, they hope through camp happily and you can often see them as you’re brushing your teeth in the evening.

5. Scarlet macaw
The scarlet macaw is one of the most iconic birds due to its brilliant colours. It’s hard to miss as it really contrasts with the tree’s. Mostly we see them skirting between trees over our camp and perching on branches along our road.

These are just a few of the wonderful things we get to live with at our jungle camp. Which ones would you like to meet?!

By Saskia Edwards - Media Intern

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