Utila, Honduras - Saving a Crab From Tuk Tuks 

Bouncing our way towards the Hondurian island Utila on a ferry while holding on desperately to my stomach contents I make a mental note to self never to try a career change that would involve high seas or anything water related at all.

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Guatemala - Livingston 

My morning would begin with the death of my instant coffee satchet when I drop it accidently into my cup of water. Not the greatest start, but things are set to improve dramatically as Saturday  progresses with our tickets booked for a forty five minute boat ride to the coastal Caribbean town Livingston.

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Guatemala - Semuc Champey

"Come for a tour of the caves" they suggested and with nothing else planned for that particular moment we thought why not?

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Guatemala - Tikal at Sunrise 

Silly o’clock in the morning when our array of alarms spring to life announcing time to depart the land of Nod and prepare to embark on our latest adventure beginning with the assent of a Mayan pyramid where we’ll watch the sun rise over the Tikal ruins in Guatemala.

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Mexico - My Preconceptions  

Preconceptions of Mexico tend to tread along the lines of Spicy food, sombreros, gang warfare, bad boy moustaches, tequila and cactus. Have I missed any stereotypes?

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