Josh Raffles - Central America Ethical Adventure Trail (6 weeks) review

I have just got back from the 6 week Central America Trail and it's safe to say it was one of the best experiences of my life! The trail itself was amazing we were given the freedom to choose what we wanted to do, not just what was on the trips itinerary which was great. Although that's not to say what was on the itinerary wasn't also fantastic, it is obvious information has been taken on from previous trails and I truly felt I had gotten the best out of Central America in the short time I had there. Information about costings of the trip was clear before I left however I would also say it is wise to bring a wee bit more if you want to enjoy a few drinks along the way which you would be mad not too!

Image courtesy of Josh Raffles, 6 week Central America Ethical Adventure Trail

The first half of the trail definitely felt more full on as we were moving from place to place every two or three nights, although this is necessary to get the most out of such a large area. This was also because of the amount of amazing sights and places we visited in the first three weeks, highlights being the Palenque ruins, Agua Azul, Semuc Champey in Lanquin and of course the world famous Tikal ruins! As a result of this the first half of the trip was the more expensive however absolute value for money.

However this meant, despite a week in a local Honduran village teaching at an international school which was incredible if very tiring, the second half of the trail provided plenty of time for us to relax and enjoy the places we visited in a more laid-back way. This was great as it was a perfect mix for those in our group who were very active and those who were more laid-back. Although everyone was up for the majority of activities especially the hiking which was great and I can now say I have successfully scaled three Central American volcanoes and see one erupt!

One of the best things about the trip however was our trail leader. He was pretty much the best trail leader we all could have asked for and without him the trip wouldn't have had been the same. Despite living in London however he isn't the best at reading Mexico City's tube maps...so don't always trust him on that one!

Overall this is a trip I would fully recommend. Especially if you are worried about the safety of travelling in central america or if your Spanish like mine is non existent. I will stay friends with the people I have met on the trail for a long time to come and have countless memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It has been and incredible first travelling experience and will definitely not be my last.

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