Exploring Siem  Reap

For the next few weeks we’re staying in Cambodia to teach English at a local school. After the first week of teaching all the volunteers are really enjoying interacting with the children and sharing their experiences with them.

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What An Exciting  Week!

We started off week 3 with a long stop in San Pedro de la Laguna on Lake Atitlán. We were awed by the intricacy and beauty of this little lakeside town.

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Week 5 -  Utila

It was the perfect place to spend five days. On the first night, and every night thereafter, we were graced with the most beautiful sunsets over the bay...

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Time In Antigua

Antigua was a city filled with colour and charm. The Spanish colonial city was largely destroyed in 1773, after a series of devastating earthquakes and was left abandoned for 75 years. As a result, every couple of metres one stumbles across striking ruins from the 17th and 18th century.

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A Week In La Ceiba

The week we spent in La Ceiba was a surprise to me, to say the least. Our life so far has been on the move all the time and every day was jam packed with novelties and exotic places, getting constantly excited wasn’t hard at all.

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