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Jumping From  Bridges

Latin America is not a concept that you can describe in a couple of words. It’s more a phenomenon that you need to be part of, if you ever want to understand it. It might be the singing couple in the river town Rio Dulce, kid who plays with his dog in San Pedro Sula, or an old woman climbing up the stairs in San Cristobal de Las Casas – you won’t understand it, unless you experience it.

 We had an amazing week. What else can I say? I have done plenty of amazing things in my life, but I have never jumped from the 11-meters bridge. I have been in Western Sahara, but I’ve never felt anything more powerful than the ancient ruins of Mayan empire. I’ve walked from Porto to Lisbon at some point, but I never jumped into the waterfall (!) in the cave (!!). Oh wait, it was just two days out of seven – you can only imagine what else is there to talk!

 I found it not only entertaining, but also educative. It doesn’t matter how much you travel, you can always find something new and exciting around the world. People claim that they could travel for two years only, because later they’d be bored with repeatability. Nothing could be more wrong – there is always something new, waiting for you around the corner. I have travelled all my life, but I never felt as good as in here, with two of my volunteers, my backpack and a huge smile on my face. And you know what? It isn’t over yet. We have plenty of things to do in the coming days. Follow us on our social media channels to see how amazing life is, and how otherworldly beautiful it is in here. Cheerio!  


By Kris Kaleta - Central America Trail Volunteer 

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