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A Well Deserved Rest  Day

After a 9 hours bus trip through the jungle of Guatemala we arrived at El Retiro Lodge in Lanquin and we were just stunned. It was raining but the river was so lovely that people were still swimming; we could hear the laughing and splashing from our table while we relaxed and had a chat before dinner.

Bus trips can be long and tiring on this part of the world, agencies will always try to fill the seats and you could end up with a random local kid on your lap while his mother holds two more kids in her arms. It is also a great cultural experience, when locals will be more than willing to have a chat with you, tell you more about their life and probably be very curious about your home country, your family and your blonde hair. If you are lucky enough the driver will also be happy to give you some information about the surroundings and even stop for a picture of the incredible landscapes of a whole mountain range property of one single person, in this case the owner of the La Torre supermarkets, so powerful to even make it into the American market.

Then you end up at an unexpectedly exceptional location, a hostel by the river, with amazing views, lovely chill out areas and a great restaurant.

As it happens, some people can be sensitive to different weather conditions, food, water and pace and needed some rest after our fast paced last ten days. The beauty of this place made it easy for us to decide to just take a break and chill by the river or go explore the village up the hill to take in the  amazing views and wander around the very local market. We are now ready for an adrenaline filled day tomorrow at Semuc Champey, where we will be tubing, spelunking, hiking and bathing in the natural pools.

By Simona Duranti - Central America Trail Leader

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