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Exploring Siem  Reap

For the next few weeks we’re staying in Cambodia to teach English at a local school. After the first week of teaching all the volunteers are really enjoying interacting with the children and sharing their experiences with them. Compared to our time travelling through Thailand, being based in Siem Reap for just under a month is a very different experience. It gives us an excellent opportunity to get to know locals, explore the surrounding area and plan exciting trips for the weekend.

Cycling in Siem Reap is one of the best ways to get around. It’s cheap, quick and fun! Whilst we’ve been teaching we’ve been getting to know other volunteers as well as the local teachers. One of the suggestions was a teacher cycle ride into the countryside. We’re going to take a picnic with us and get to explore outside of Siem Reap. One of the best things about this will be going with teachers who know the area well and can show us amazing places we may not have seen on our own.

Angkor Wat is said to be the 8th wonder of the world and you can’t visit Cambodia without seeing it. There are many temples spread out over a large area so seeing Angkor Wat in one day isn’t enough time. Next weekend there is a holiday, which means we won’t be teaching on Monday. We’re looking into exploring Angkor Wat over three days and everyone is really looking forward to it!

Although we’re staying in Cambodia for a month the time is going to fly by and before we know it we’ll be travelling through Vietnam. These are only a couple of the activities we’ve got planned whilst we’re here. Keep an eye on the South East Asia Trail’s social media pages to find out more about what we get up to.

By Kirsten Hoaby - Central America Trail Leader

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