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What An Exciting  Week!

We started off week 3 with a long stop in San Pedro de la Laguna on Lake Atitlán. We were awed by the intricacy and beauty of this little lakeside town. We all got lost more than once on the winding roads, but could eventually orient ourselves by stumbling across the stunning lake. On our first full day there, we enjoyed a sunrise hike up the Indian Nose mountain, complete with fresh coffee and bread on the top so we wouldn’t fall asleep before the sun came up. The afternoon was spent kayaking around the lake and we rounded off the night with a birthday celebration for Emily at a mystical restaurant serving salads, burgers, and souffle.

The following day some of us basked in the hot sun by a nearby pool while others of us braved the San Pedro Volcano. It was a tough 3-hour hike, but we all agreed at the top that it was worth it! When the clouds cleared the view over the lake was absolutely stunning; we were sad when we eventually had to climb down and leave the view for some other unsuspecting traveler.

We also got to visit the colonial city of Antigua, our last stop in Guatemala, and we wished we had had more time to explore. Besides the wealth of cathedrals, restaurants and museums lined along the cobblestone streets, there was also a lookout point over the city, a chocolate museum/workshop, a big market, and a rooftop yoga class that we had the chance to enjoy. One day gave us a taste of this quaint yet bustling city, all of us wanting more as we drove away early the following morning.



Luckily, we had a treat waiting for us in Copán, Honduras, with ziplining, hot springs, Macaw Mountain, horseback riding, the Tea and Chocolate Place, among many sites we didn’t have the chance to visit! It’s amazing how many activities we found in this small town, and even more amazing how many we were able to pack in in just a day and a half. We left this city enchanted, and hungry to learn more about this new country.

I feel so fortunate to be a part of this trip with such a lovely group of young women. Thanks, Guatemala, for great fun and some wonderful memories. Looking forward to the adventures Honduras and Nicaragua have in store for us. 2 countries down, 2 to go!

By Kirsten Hoaby - Central America Trail Leader

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