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A Brief History of  Environmentalism

Environmentalism isn’t a product of the post-War era and most certainly isn’t limited to Europe and America. Though considered a new concern, an interest in the environment existed centuries before the modern age. Read on to learn a brief history about this fascinating and consistently current theory!

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The Himalayas: Animal Wonderland 

A report released by WWF earlier this month revealed that over 200 new species have been discovered in the Himalayas over the last six years. Along with the vast and wonderful array of species that had previously been discovered in the region these new findings ensure the Himalayas place as a must-see location for wildlife fanatics.

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Is a world powered by renewable energy possible?

In a world of abundant transport, constant communication, and never ending developments in technology, it is sometimes hard to imagine a sustainable way of life.

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The IPCC Report: get the low down

You may have heard in the news that the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have recently published a report about climate change.

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A Frontier Look Back

It’s that time of year that everyone likes to, or at least feels the need to look back at the past twelve months. Frontier has had a busy year with plenty of new research and a variety of new projects.

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WWF and the alliance of religions and conservation

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) supports alliance between religion and conservation in attempt to reduce illegal ivory and rhino horn trade. In Nairobi on the 21 September 2012, 50 African religious representatives from different faiths and countries came together to call for the end of the illegal wildlife trade that is annihilating the continent’s elephant and rhino populations.

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