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How to Raise Money for Your Gap Year Abroad

Escaping abroad is the perfect way to celebrate finishing school or college, whilst getting a new kind of life experience. But the sheer cost of travelling for a year can be daunting. Flights, food, accommodation, insurance and activities all add up, so if you can raise adequate cash before you go you won’t need to compromise while you’re out there, or cut your trip short.

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QUIZ: Which Famous Traveller Would You Be?

Travel is so much more common today than it was in the past but even then a few daring souls ventured out into the unknown and their names have gone down in history, along with the discoveries that they made on their trips!
Take our quiz to find out which famous traveller you would have been...

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The love and loss shared using instagram

Today many people go travelling to escape the mania of our technology-driven world. Whether travelling for the culture shock, conservation or simply for a well desired time- out, the urge to switch off the mobile and our constant connection to social media is high. However, many are learning to hold onto their mobiles a little longer as access to the internet isn't such a bad thing after all.

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