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Top 10 Female Adventurers

From the original David Attenborough, a polar bear fighting pilot, the shaper of Iran and the creator of the first National Day of Adventure, Frontier breaks down the Top 10 most inspiring female adventurers!

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Top 5: Inspirational Women in Conservation

Here are 5 inspirational women whose contributions to conservation have benefitted the natural world and our attitude towards it.

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Girl summit 2014

“Do you want to marry a middle-aged man?” Whatever your answer will be, just keep in mind that “many children globally do not get choice”. That’s what is written on a poster advertising Girl Summit 2014. The event aimed to tackle the female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced child marriage.

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Now is the #TimeToAct

A few weeks ago, #TimeToAct was just a drop in the ocean of the 140-characters messages that tweet from our mobiles daily. Now it is the social network’s motto of a campaign asking to tackle rape in war zones.

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International Women’s Day: how honey is helping African women

As this is the International Women’s Day, there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to showcase what good work is being done to promote women and self sufficiency globally.

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