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The Importance of Keystone  Species

Keystone species are integral to their specific ecosystem and habitat, as they play a role deemed vital to the existence of the species which share their home. They define an entire ecosystem. Without its keystone species, ecosystems would be dramatically different or cease to exist altogether. Here we explore the importance of Keystone Species.

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The reintroduction  debate

In the past, if a species became locally extinct in a country, it stayed that way. Now, with new technologies and a deeper understanding of animals’ ecological needs, reintroductions of certain species are becoming more and more common.

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5 Places To See Incredible Wildlife In Europe 

We always seem to look afar when it comes to seeing wildlife. It seems more exciting, colourful and diverse on every continent other than Europe. Tropical birds are more colourful than a gull, that much is true, but you don’t have to go abroad to find unique and breathtaking wildlife. Why not stay in Europe for your next trip?

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Back to School with Frontier: Lesson Five

Ah Friday afternoon. After a week of hard work it's time for something fun, and what could be more fun than art class? We got our resident Tony Hart to give you a little demo on drawing some of our favourite animals.

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