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Democracy in the Wild 

Voting may seem like a predominantly human activity but we are not the only ones who do it. Research has shown that many animals live in a democratic society, making decisions as a group and having their say on what’s best. These animals have adopted unique and fascinating ways to come to a conclusion; maybe we could learn a few lessons from them…

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Drones in the  Wild

Drones have infiltrated our society quicker than anybody could have predicted. Whilst they are popular amongst wildlife and landscape photographers, can this new form of intelligent life actually prove beneficial in conservation efforts, or is it having a negative impact on nature and its inhabitants? Here we explore the development and the ethics of drones in the wild.

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Why Do Birds Sing?

It is getting less, but soon, as soon as spring comes around, we will wake up to birds singing again at dawn. It is not just cliché, birds really do sing mostly – and most prominently – in the morning. But why do they sing at all?

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QUIZ: Which Habitat Would Suit Your Personality Best?

Ever wondered where you'd live if you were an animal? Are you a forest dweller, mountaineer, deep sea diver or Arctic recluse? Well, take our new quiz and find out which habitat suits you best!

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The ultimate transformation! Learn to live like a wildling 

Did you use to dream of drinking a poison that could turn you into an animal? Or maybe you still wish you could become a lion, a sharp-toothed wolf or a kingly hawk? Well, the bad news is that there is no magical formula that can turn humans into animals, but do you even have to? Follow Frontier’s guidelines and learn the skills necessary to survive in the wilderness – who wants to be civilised, right? Transform yourself over the course of just 4 weeks!

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