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Animal Profile: Narwhals 

Dubbed the unicorn of the sea, the Narwhal remains an elusive, enigmatic mammal that has fascinated mankind for over three hundred years.

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QUIZ: Which Ocean Mammal Are  You?

Ocean Mammals rely on the sea for their existence but unlike fish they breathe air and nurse their pups. Some of them can survive on land as well as in the ocean. Find out which Ocean Mammal you are most likely to be!

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New Research: Pilot Whales Babysit Calves

A team of scientists discover a new behaviour displayed by Pilot Whales in Canada. Just like babysitting in humans, alloparental care is the care of a young animal by another adult that is not its parent, known as the alloparent. The phenomenon is common in many social animals, even fish, but this is the first study identifying it in Pilot Whales.

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What a Load of Rubbish: The Problems of the Platisphere 

A group of marine biologists stand in full protective gear surveying the scene in front of them, which is something of a mess. The 15-meter long sperm whale carcass, which is draped across the Tainan coastline, would be a cause for attention on most days, but this whale is about to achieve a level of notoriety that most others have not. It is full of plastic. 

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Photo of the Week

Frontier Photo of the week

Into the Wild Photo of the Week: Something very special for you this morning ...This week's image comes courtesy of Stephen Criscolo and was taken in Hawaii, USA. Make sure you have a look around his Flickr account for more great photos.

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