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The world’s weirdest events

The world can sometimes be a really strange place, but what’s so bad about that. When you see something weird doesn’t it bring a smile to your face? We've put together a list of the weirdest events on the planet to inspire you to get out and remember that weird is wonderful.  

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When Humans and Animals Become One

It’s yet another step into the world of the weird and the wonderful for the Into the Wild blog today as we check out the results of when humans transform into animals. It appears there are plenty of plastic surgeons out there happy to make the bizarre and extreme wishes of those looking to become human-animal hybrids come true.

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Earth's Strangest Animals: Best of the Rest

It’s weird animal week here on Into the Wild. So far we’ve covered some of the most amazingly bizarre wildlife in our oceans, as well as picking our favourite freaks from the mammal family. So if you haven’t already checked those out, we advise you do so. However, if you’re ready for your next dose of the weird and the wonderful, please read on. To end this week of wacky wildlife, today we take a look at the best of the rest from the natural world.

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Earth's Strangest Animals: Mad Mammals 

On Monday, Into the Wild plunged into the oceans to take a look at some of the bizarre and, in some cases, terrifying creatures of the deep. Today we’re delving into the weird and wonderful world of mammals. With a heap of peculiar adaptations, spectacularly strange faces and funny habits these are amongst some of the most peculiar animals out there.

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Earth's Strangest Animals: Marine Monsters

Here on Into the Wild we’re fascinated by the weird and wonderful. So this week we thought we would showcase some of the strangest animals that grace our planet with their odd looks, bizarre adaptations and gruesome survival techniques. Today is the turn of the monsters of the marine world…

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Bizarre Christmas Foods

Yesterday we looked at some of the weird and wonderful ways that people celebrate Christmas around the world. Not satisfied, we decided to look into some of the different Christmas cuisine customs that have either been, or continue to be practiced around the world.

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