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Travel the world as a volunteer

Volunteering at the local food shelter or RSPCA, which is very noble and helps your community. But once you are ready to leave home and travel, you can still volunteer and help out across the world. Whether in a community or with wildlife, or even putting your teaching or medical skills to work, there is always someone who will embrace it and be grateful for your help.

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Earn while you travel: 10 tips for money-seeking adventurers

Are you the type who just buy a flight ticket and hit the road without sufficient financial backup? Well, maybe you should consider making some money while you travel. Here are 10 ways to earn some extra cash while you make your way around the world: It’s time to use your creative skills!

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Volunteer Photo of the Week: Mary Remkus

Mary Remkus took this fantastic close-up shot of a chameleon whilst volunteering on Frontier's Madagascar Wildlife Conservation Adventure project. Vote for Mary to win Volunteer Photo of the Month for July on the Frontier Official Facebook page.

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#because of school we can help the others to learn

I can only write this article and you can read it #becauseofschool where we were lucky enough to learn these skills. #becauseofschool is the hashtag launched by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to celebrate the value of education

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Fighting for equality: human rights day

Human rights are rights fundamental to all humanity. This means that everyone is entitled to their rights without discrimination; these rights do not consider age, sex, race, nationality, religion, language, ethnic origins or sexual orientation.


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Travel chatter – travel tips for meeting new people

Backpacking is not just about sightseeing, finding yourself, and being at one with nature. A huge part of the experience is moulded by the people you’re with. This stems from the first time you meet, the all important first impressions, the all important - travel chatter.


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Frontier Central America Focus: Costa Rica

In an attempt to take you well away from the gloomy UK weather, Into the Wild will this week be focusing its attention on somewhere far more exotic: Central America. So whether you’re planning a trip to this beautiful region, or even just looking for some inspirational escapism, this is the place to be...We kick things off with Costa Rica.

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Indigenous Tribes vs. the expansion of western culture

The indigenous tribal groups based in the Orissa state, Eastern India are called the Kondha. They are said to have descended from the Proto-Australoid ethnic group, an ancient hunter-gatherer society and thus are characterised by their adaptability to the forest environment. However, as is often the case with tribal cultures, they are being forced into more modern ways of life by the numerous development interventions and their traditions, beliefs and social norms are continually and drastically being changed.

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Indigenous Tribes

This week, Frontier will be looking at the fascinating issue of tribal groups. With approximately 150 million tribal individuals around the world, this is a hugely important and often contentious subject that both deserves and requires careful consideration.

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HOX POPS - Shoreditch Favourites

This week’s features have been rooted in nostalgia, with our back to school subject lessons and reminiscence of childhood memories. With the end of the summer holidays upon us, we decided to ask people on the streets of Shoreditch about their best holiday memory, their dream destination and their favourite animal. From river rafting to beach romancing, Iceland to Mexico and red pandas to camels; we heard it all. Here’s what we found out:

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Back to School with Frontier: Lesson Four

In the penultimate lesson of our ‘Back to School’ week, we will be looking at languages, specifically Spanish. So if you’re off on a project with us to Latin America, have a read below - You might just learn something useful.

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Volunteer interview – Daniel Nutting – China Panda Breeding Centre

Today we speak to another future Frontier volunteer, Daniel Nutting, to find out what he’s all about and exactly what he’s looking forward to on his upcoming trip to China.

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Rugby World Cup Special

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is here at last. This year’s competition will take place in New Zealand, and the hosts are hot favourites for the crown. Here at Frontier, we’re finding it hard to pick a team to support. Our loyalties are divided between all of the fantastic countries that we have projects in. Here’s the low-down on the teams we’re backing:

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5 Projects that will bring you close to Amazing Wildlife

Frontier has wildlife conservation projects all over the world. Despite the vast variety of locations and species on offer, all of the projects share in common the chance to bring you close to some incredible wildlife. Today we look at some of our most popular projects, as well as considering a few of the lesser-known opportunities available.

Australia - Wallaby Resuce

This project will see you working closely with both adult and baby wallabies injured by human activity. Taking you to the spectacular outback of Queensland in the north-east of Australia, this is a hugely rewarding and important project to get involved in. Baby wallabies are frequently left orphaned when older animals are killed for meat or injured in road traffic incidents. Your daily interaction with these vulnerable animals will see you build some strong bonds during your stay.

Madagascar – Marine Conservation & Diving
Learn to dive in some of the most beautiful and unexplored marine habitats on the planet. Your time in this amazing marine habitat will be shared with an extraordinary array of resident wildlife such as rays, reef fish, sea urchins, anemones, octopus and sea turtles. But this is only the beginning; dolphins, sharks and migrating whales are just a few of the larger animals lurking in the deeper waters. Madagascar is renowned for its unique wildlife, with 80% of species endemic to the island. You will be conducting vital research and surveys around these important ecosystems in order to establish future conservation efforts.

Costa Rica – Big Cats, Primates and Turtles
Costa Rica is home to the highest density of species anywhere in the world. You will be staying in the very heart of this unparalleled paradise exploring and documenting all it has to offer. Your base will be the camp on the shore of the pacific coast, from which you will set out on daily trips to survey the country’s wildlife, much of which is critically endangered. With the chance to witness such varied and rare species, such as the elusive jaguar, this project is a popular choice and will appeal to those with a real sense of adventure.  

China – Panda Breeding
An iconic species in an astonishing country; little wonder that this project is in such high demand. Offering the chance to play a part in the conservation of a truly remarkable species, the China panda breeding centre is an experience you will never forget. You will learn first-hand about what it takes to run a successful panda breeding programme. Duties will include feeding the pandas as well as the possibility of recording valuable data on the behaviour of these rare animals.
Italy – Dolphin Monitoring & Sailing
You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to get a Frontier experience. The dolphin monitoring & sailing project in Italy offers an amazing opportunity much closer to home than you might have expected. Based on the island of Ischia off the coast of Naples, you will be sailing everyday to aid scientists in their research into all aspects of dolphin behaviour. All the training you need will be given to you once you arrive, although sea sickness might be a personal challenge to conquer.

Above are 5 excellent examples of how a Frontier project could bring you into contact with some of the world’s most mesmerising and endangered wildlife on the planet. See what else is on offer on the Frontier Website.


Frontier goes to the Library

Frontier has projects all over the world. So as part of this week’s theme of inspirational travel writing, we thought we’d have a look at some literature involving some of the countries we work in.

Men Against the Sea by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall

The second in a trilogy about the mutiny of HMS Bounty in 1789, this novel documents the journey made by Lieutenant William Bligh and 18 members of his crew following their forced departure from the war ship. In what is frequently described as the most incredible and impressive feats of nautical navigation, Men Against the Sea chronicles the fascinating struggle faced by these men, and how Bligh skilfully led them to safety. The journey sees the crew row closely to Fiji, an area they understood to be inhabited by cannibals.   



Barefoot Over the Serengeti by David Read

This is the autobiography of David Read’s childhood spent in Tanzania during the 1920’s, an area that is today at the heart of the Serengeti National Park. Barefoot Over the Serengeti is an intriguing account of his upbringing amongst the Maasai people, with whom he spent a lot of time. Detailing their unique lifestyle and hunting methods, this book is constantly lauded as an excellent read for anyone remotely interested in the Maasai tribe, or African culture in general.


Ghost of Chance by William S. Burroughs

This short adventure story takes place in the jungles of Madagascar, and tells the tale of an 18th century pirate named Captain Mission who founds a colony on the African island. Determined to protect the region’s natural elements, including its native lemur population, Captain Mission struggles against plans of development for the island. What results is a strange but interesting work.  



Costa Rica:
Tropical Nature: Life and Death in the Rain Forests of Central and South America

An educational but highly accessible description of some of the most interesting aspects of the rain forests of Costa Rica and Ecuador. Covering an array of topics from the symbiotic relationship of the sloth with the trees they prefer, to why some plants have developed hallucinogenic properties, it is a widely respected and enjoyed account of these regions.  It also includes an extensive guide on what to pack, and what to expect from a trip to these amazing locations.  




For the Sake of all Living Things by John M. Del Vecchio

For the Sake of all Living Things is an emotional book dealing with the events surrounding the horrific genocide committed by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge which was responsible for the extermination of approximately two-million people between 1975-79. It is the second book in a trilogy, and fuses real life analysis of the circumstances leading to the creation of the Khmer Rouge, with fictional accounts of different individuals affected by the dictatorship. A revealing look at this recent and horrifying act of genocide.




By Alex Prior