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A Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Volunteering Adventure

Holidays are coming up, a compulsory internship is part of your course or you might just fancy a career change  – the reasons you may be thinking of volunteering are endless! The journey from the initial idea to being on site as a volunteer is long, confusing at times, and full of pitfalls. It is easy if you just follow simple steps.

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Volunteer Travel

In Douglas Adams’s bestseller a towel is “the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have”.

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How to afford your gap year or travelling

How many times have you heard people talk about wanting to go travelling but being unable to afford it? And then see them splurge on a big meal out or a new winter wardrobe…

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Top 6 reasons to volunteer abroad

Recently, it was Frontier’s pleasure to write an article about volunteering abroad for a foreign blogger and to give some good reasons to choose volunteering for a next travel. Alice our French Marketing Intern wrote a Top 6 reasons to volunteer abroad for the Belgian blog “Un Sac sur le Dos”.


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Stay safe and knowledgeable with these RFID-blocking passport and credit card sleeves, courtesy of Funky Leisure and The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook, courtesy of author Shannon O’Donnell the A Little Adrift blogger.

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