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Top 5 Most Toxic Species 

Sometimes we have to face the fact that the world is a dangerous place. Although all species want to survive, some have developed dramatic defenses to scare off others. Below are the top 5 species which have a chemical toxin they use at their own advantage; they are ones to avoid at all cost if you don’t wish to be killed in the worst case scenario…

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Secret Venoms: Did You Know They Had it in Them? 

We're looking at evolution this week on Into the Wild. Ask someone to name a venomous animal and they'll probably say some kind of snake or frog. But there are a whole host of creatures which have seemingly kept their use of venoms and poisons quiet. So who are these secret assasins?

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Animal Survival: Crazy Defence Tactics

This week the Into the Wild team has been looking at some of the craziest and most entertaining animal behaviour out there. Today we’re checking out how animals get themselves out of sticky situations bringing you some of the top survival tips from the animal kingdom. So if you ever get yourself into a spot of bother, think what would the animals do?

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