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Alternatives to University

Results day is over and decisions have had to be made. For most, the next step is university, but it’s not for everyone, and there are plenty of options. Maybe you have spent the summer pondering over choices, still confused as to where life will take them next. Here are just a few of options which may suit you better than going straight into education.

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University isn't your only option, choose a gap year!

Results day has been and gone and university is just around the corner. Daunting thought right? But what if it wasn’t, what if university was another year away? Take the plunge and choose a gap year!

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What Universities Really Think About Gap Years

Many students worry that universities don’t look favourably upon gap years.  Whilst this may have been true some time ago, these days, breaks from education are actually welcomed by institutions if approached in the right way.

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Gain valuable medical experience by volunteering abroad

The desire to become a doctor or enter the world of medicine is understandable. It offers the unique opportunity to ease pain, save lives and work with a diversity of different people on a daily basis.

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Should I go to uni?

Deciding whether or not to go to uni can be a difficult decision, with many factors to consider and long-term consequences to the decisions you make.

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