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Ever Heard of Underwater  Oceans?

flickr | Tim GeerIt’s a well-known belief that we know more about the moon than we do our own oceans. Vast areas of it are unexplored, untouched and, for all we know, uninhabited.

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5 Underwater  Artefacts

The world is chock-a-block with awesome stuff we dub as ‘artefacts’. From historic buildings and statues to documents and relics that keep track of what we’ve been up to on this planet, here are 5 amazing underwater artefacts.

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Top 5 Shipwreck Dives

In most people’s minds, scuba diving is synonymous with reefs. The idea of going beneath the waves usually takes us to a finding nemo type setting of bright colours and crystal clear water. The alternative however is diving in deeper, darker and more dangerous water on some of the ocean’s Shipwrecks.

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5 Of The Most Treacherous Dive Sites

Diving is fast growing to be one of the world’s favourite outdoor activities, having used to be a very exclusive sport. Now it’s something that everyone can take part in all over the world.

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