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Quiz: What Jurassic World Dinosaur Would You Be?

Have you seen the latest summer blockbuster, Jurassic World? Or do you just love dinosaurs? Well take this quiz and find out which dinosaur you would have been all those thousands of years ago!

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Land grabs leave millions starving

A new report has found that land owned by foreign investors is causing 550 million people to go hungry in Africa and South East Asia.

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Happy Australia Day

Nowadays, Australia Day is all about celebrating what's great about this beautiful country, with a public holiday full of ‘barbies’ and fireworks. So we thought we’d get into the spirit of things and tell you all about our highlights from down under.

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Into the Wild Meets: Mark Evans

Mark Evans has been involved in some of the most interesting and groundbreaking science television of recent years, including 'Inside Nature's Giants', 'Nature's Wild Feast' and 'Brave New World'. Needless to say, Frontier is a huge fan of his work. Today we meet Mark and find out about how an obese cat launched his television career, his thoughts on natural history television and why he loves cows so much.

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Best of 2011: A Backpacker's Guide

This week on Into the Wild we are looking back at the best of travel and the environment from the past 12 months. Today we present you with our mini backpacker’s guide: our top five destinations and travel gadgets from 2011. Read on for travel inspiration and essential items for your backpack!

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Continuing our week-long theme of technology and innovation, today we look at Water Canary: a product designed to assist with the worldwide problem of poor water quality.

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