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Halloween Horror Stories

In the run up to the creepiest, scariest and most ghoulish day on the calendar, Frontier brings you 5 spooky stories to rattle your bones!

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Responsible Tourism: Festivals and Cultural Events

Last week Frontier looked into what it means to be a responsible tourist in regards to animal welfare issues concerning animal tours and trekking. Today we will be looking at animal sporting attractions and cultural traditions and their role in responsible travel.


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Too Little Too Late: The Maldives

Situated off the south coast of India the 1000km long archipelago of the Maldives consists of almost 1200 islands and 26 atolls forming a truly stunning exotic location.

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5 Tips for First Time Travellers

It’s nerve-wracking the first time you decide to go travelling on your own, and no matter how much advice is thrown your way you’re sure to forget something or feel embarrassed asking where your gate is at the airport.

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