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The Importance of Keystone  Species

Keystone species are integral to their specific ecosystem and habitat, as they play a role deemed vital to the existence of the species which share their home. They define an entire ecosystem. Without its keystone species, ecosystems would be dramatically different or cease to exist altogether. Here we explore the importance of Keystone Species.

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Mangrove day 2014

It is a tree...It is seaweed....no, it is a Mongrove! The plant growing on tropical coasts has puzzled generations of botanists for being the only tree able to survive salted water’s inundation.

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Is it right for US trees to be used for UK power?

EU leaders promoted the usage of renewable energy sources instead of the vast amount of coal that power stations previously used, however they probably didn’t want the changing the rules on trade, to lead to the felling of swamp forests in America in order to fuel the power stations of the UK.

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Space satellite to weigh Earth’s forests

The European Space Agency has given the go ahead for a satellite that promises to “weigh” the Earth’s forest as a method of monitoring them.

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