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The reintroduction  debate

In the past, if a species became locally extinct in a country, it stayed that way. Now, with new technologies and a deeper understanding of animals’ ecological needs, reintroductions of certain species are becoming more and more common.

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Top 10: 2016 What We Learned

2016 has seen some bizarre and some wonderful turns of events. With increased tensions between nations and the continued war in Syria, there doesn’t seem much to be happy about this year. That’s is why Frontier is here to give you some reasons why 2016 has been an educational and uplifting year!

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Poaching Power: A Rarely Told Story

The death of Cecil earlier this year evoked outrage across the planet, with people up in arms over the death of one of Africa’s favourite lions. The killer, a dentist from Minnesota, endured the wrath of many, but the real villains are those that do not make the front pages.

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Canine Distemper Virus posing a serious threat to the 50-year survival of wild tiger species

A virus, mainly affecting dogs, is threatening the remaining, endangered wild populations of tigers worldwide. If left unattended, it poses a serious threat to this species, now risking extinction within 50 years. Any conservation efforts towards tigers must keep Canine Distemper Virus in their sights if we are to help this majestic animal survive as long as possible.

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Tailing Tiger Conservation

The largest and, arguably, most distinctive big cat in the world – the tiger – has had a hard time of it in recent history. Their numbers have declined to a level that has left them endangered

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Photo of the Week

It's that time of the week again! Today's Photo of the Week comes courtesy of Nathan Rupert. We love how this beautiful photo makes you feel like you're being hunted. Be sure to check out Nathan's Flickr page for the amazingly detailed full-size version.

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Amur tiger population decreases