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Top 5 Most Useful Languages To Learn

Learning a language can be difficult but it is well worth the effort as it can improve your career prospects and allows you to live in other countries with ease. We list which languages can be the most useful to learn.

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QUIZ: Where Should You Teach Abroad in 2017?

Are you passionate about teaching and traveling? Than take our quiz to find out where you should travel to give children the best education they deserve www.frontiergap.com

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Free teaching placements

Teaching abroad is an incredibly rewarding experience, one which will not only stay with you for a lifetime, but one which can boost career prospects, by showing employees that you’re dedicated, rounded, and a cultured individual.


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International education week: why is education so important?

Education is a process of providing structured information. It is accessible to every child for free in the developed world, so much so that it’s almost taken for granted.

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Volunteer photo of the week: Erin Christiansen 

Erin is currently volunteering on Frontier's Costa Rica Learning Spanish, Teaching English and Sports Coaching project where she took this atmospheric shot of the country's volcanic landscape. You can find out how she's getting on with her volunteer journal.

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Volunteering in Tanzania

New Online Journalism Intern, Stephanie Weise, talks about her experience of volunteering in Tanzania and what it’s like to teach English in a rural community.

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Something Borrowed

As many would agree books not only create an imaginary world for us to escape to, they are also a fundamental tool in education. To end this week’s theme on travel writing we'll explain how Frontier volunteers can help to spread the benefits of reading materials to under-privileged parts of the world.

One way in which poverty can be reduced, or better yet eradicated, is through education. Whilst young people in Britain have a wealth of learning opportunities at their doorstep, impoverished children in underdeveloped countries do not. Frontier is helping pave the way towards solving the lack of learning resources in underdeveloped regions by supporting a new initiative that aims to enhance Tanzania’s education system through book-borrowing.

The scheme will construct a lending library that will store available books for schools to borrow. Frontier will be supporting this scheme by encouraging their volunteers to bring along a book or two to donate to the initiative en-route to their projects in Tanzania. The reading materials collected will then be distributed to different schools across the region with institutions being able to use the books for one term. Once term ends the participating schools will return the copies to the lending library and subsequently receive a different set.

The benefits of this initiative are abundant. Firstly this scheme would provide education institutions with exposure to a wider variety of teaching resources, which they currently lack. Secondly the scheme will ensure that books are being used and not being sold. Students will be given access to a range of reading materials, improving their analytical thinking, and increasing their English vocabulary and writing skills as a result.

Desired books to be donated will include children’s books, teaching resources; text books, and adolescent novels. So if you are planning on volunteering abroad with Frontier, specifically to Tanzania, take some books from your shelf and change a child’s life.

By Nancy Bukasa