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Top 5: Winter Destinations

Winter isn't for everyone but maybe Frontier can convince you to follow the snow with our Top 5 Destinations to travel to this Winter, including Adventure Trips and Educational Trips across the globe!

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The New Age of Sail 

Have you ever considered that it might be a sailor’s life for you? Well, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. It seems that more and more people have been asking this question, despite it being one you’d more likely expect from an 18th Century runaway. It just so happens that sailing is making a huge comeback.

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2014: a year of sport

For all you sporting and travel fanatics, why not combine your two loves by exploring the destinations of the biggest championships.  2014 is a big year for sport which could potentially mean a year of travel awaits you.

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Kiteboarding in the 2016 Olympics + the top 5 best places to do it!

On the back of the current 2012 Olympics furore, I would like to draw peoples’ attention to one little story that may have slipped through the media net. Kiteboarding, a major passion of mine, has made it into the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

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