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How To: Get An Online Presence While  Travelling

Building a strong online presence can be creatively and financially rewarding. If you’ve decided to take a gap year away from work or studies, building out your personal brand and online following can be a great way to build your skillset and fill possible resume gaps.

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Here Yesterday Gone Today: Extinctions of the Past 15 Years 

Here at Frontier we’re all about conservation. It is well known that humans have been responsible for the destruction of habitat and reduction of natural habitat for many of earth’s creatures...

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Can happiness be bought? 

“How do we find happiness?” This is probably a question you have asked yourself once or twice throughout your life, but have you ever found the answer? Hint? Forget about material goods and go straight for the experiences!

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6 Different ways to greet each other across the world

Everyone knows that communication can be difficult when travelling abroad due to the language barrier. Signs and gestures are commonly relied on to greet and talk to people. Here's some basic greeting gestures can have very different meanings in different countries.

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