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Snow leopard – endangered to  vulnerable

Recent studies looking into population numbers of the snow leopard (Panthera uncia) have revealed that their numbers are increasing across their range. In this article we discuss whether this is cause for celebration and take a look at what is needed for the survival of these big cats in the future.

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Top 5 Snowy  Destinations

Sometimes, when temperatures plummet, the beauty of a place only increases when it receives its gift from the skies - snow. Whilst a lot of us look to warmer destinations during the blistering winter months, we’re here to make a case for some of the snowier sceneries out there.

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Antarctica: A New Frontier

Antarctica is a frozen, windswept continent, with no permanent inhabitants residing on the frozen planet because of its hostility and remoteness.

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Photo of the Week

Kicking-off another week here on Into the Wild, we give you your usual dose of beautiful photography. This week it comes in the shape of an amazing snowscape at Exshaw Pass, Alberta, Canada. Thanks to Harvey Roberts for this excellent image. Check out his Flickr photostream for more lovely pics.

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