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Phobias: don't be afraid to read more

What do snakes, spiders and skyscrapers have in common? They are unwittingly leading the list of human’s phobias. Fear can stop people from travel, having unique experience and – in extreme cases – from fully enjoying their lives. But why do we develop phobias and how can we get rid of them? 

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Volunteer Photo of the Week: Elizabeth Lindsay

This incredible close-up from Elizabeth Lindsay was taken on the Madagascar Wildlife Conservation N.G.O Internship. It is a picture of a Dromicodryas Quadrilineatus, otherwise known as a four-striped snake.

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Madagascar wildlife: the langaha snake

The Langaha madagascariensis is an incredibly cryptic and camouflaged snake that is very difficult to spot in the wild, granting it a place right at the top of my 'wish list' of animals to see whilst in Madagascar.

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Animal Survival: Crazy Defence Tactics

This week the Into the Wild team has been looking at some of the craziest and most entertaining animal behaviour out there. Today we’re checking out how animals get themselves out of sticky situations bringing you some of the top survival tips from the animal kingdom. So if you ever get yourself into a spot of bother, think what would the animals do?

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