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San Francisco and the Shark Fin Debate

California has recently begun to fully enforce a ban on the possession and sale of shark fins. Government officials, local business owners, and activists in San Francisco react to the controversial legislation.

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Action Needed to Cull Shark Finning

Sharks are in danger of becoming resigned to history. With the heavy fishing of these predators, they are becoming prey themselves, and this is mostly due to the value of their fins – which are being used for lucrative trade and commerce.

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Shark attack! or sharks under attack? Shark Week 25 years on

There’s a statistic which says you’re more likely to be killed by a vending machine than to be eaten by a shark. Safe in that knowledge Into The Wild brings you a shark focused week in honour of the 25th anniversary of the Discovery Channel’s epic pop culture phenomenon Shark Week.

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Opinions: Shark Finning – The battle between culture and conservation

“More people get killed by vending machines than sharks,” the diving instructor laughed. With those few words of encouragement, I swallowed my fears and jumped. The Great Barrier Reef was more than I had ever imagined and my brief but magical sighting of a reef shark is something I shall never forget.

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