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5 Reasons You Should Learn To  Dive

Scuba Diving is one of life’s great pleasures. Immersing yourself deep beneath the waves allows you to discover a whole new world, and reach new depths. It is a challenge that offers unlimited rewards, and is a sport that brings people together and creates lifelong relationships! Here we explore 5 reasons you should learn to dive, if you even need any persuading…

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QUIZ: Which Adventure Activity Should You Try? 

Who doesn't like a little bit of adrenaline and adventure in their life? Well, with today's quiz you can find out exactly that! Have a run through it and find out which Adventure Sport you should have a go at!

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Bucket List: Chloe Rossi Madagascar ARO

ARO for Madagascar, Chloe Rossi, who has been out of Frontier's camp since September sent us her top six list of things to do before she kicks the bucket.

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Getting Active on your Gap Year 

There’s no need to sit around or stick to the norm when travelling – adventure sports and activities can be hunted out pretty much anywhere and added to your trip itinerary. As well as being exciting in themselves they can also give you unique views of scenery and nature. Trekking can be done in hundreds of places by almost everyone but there are various activities that are a little bit different.

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Future Volunteer Interview: Jamie Donaldson - Madagascar Marine Conservation and Diving Project

Today we speak to future volunteer Jamie Donaldson who later this year will be heading off to Frontier’s Madagascar Marine Conservation and Diving Project. We asked Jamie a few questions about his upcoming trip, finding out what he’s excited about, what he’s going to pack and a few other bits and pieces.

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Adventure Sports - 5 Amazing Diving Experiences

Escaping into a submarine world is a truly amazing experience. With so many different types of dive available around the world, there's plenty to get excited about. Here's the Frontier guide to a few of our favourites.

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