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Frontier's Science Report 2016

2016 has had highs and lows for the environmental movement but Frontier will continue making our contribution to science through our Group Projects in Madagascar, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Fiji, Tenerife and Belize! Here is a round up of our scientific achievements abroad.

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New Research: Pilot Whales Babysit Calves

A team of scientists discover a new behaviour displayed by Pilot Whales in Canada. Just like babysitting in humans, alloparental care is the care of a young animal by another adult that is not its parent, known as the alloparent. The phenomenon is common in many social animals, even fish, but this is the first study identifying it in Pilot Whales.

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Eco therapy: A Growing Science

You may have heard of the recently growing science of Eco therapy, a new idea that focuses on the mental health and wellbeing nature can provide for us. From healing drug addiction, improving social interactions, increasing academic performance and reducing depression, Eco therapy has a potential to improve many people’s lives and livelihoods.

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Top 5: Debunking The Climate Change Myths

Did you know 4 out of 10 Americans and one third of Congress don’t believe in climate change? If you are also in doubt, have no fear, Frontier is here to debunk the myths.

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Science Club...Be Part of it!

This is your chance to catch up with this week's Science Club, lovingly maintained by our fantastic team of in-house scientists and journalists to deliver the most interesting and important science news from around the world to you, our lovely readers. So what's been going on...

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