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5 Tips For First Time Travellers 

Travelling for the first time is many things: fun, exciting, thrilling, but also scary, and nerve-racking with all the planning and things to consider. With a little help from an experienced traveller and a few simple tips and tricks though, it suddenly becomes a whole lot easier.

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iPhones—Your favourite travelling companion

Travelling with valuables is generally advised against, but who can imagine life without the trusty iPhone these days? Besides, one of the best ways to prevent loss or theft of your smartphone is to clutch it in a tight grasp, like an extension of your hand. Here are some suggestions to optimise your iPhone for travel, soon making it more valuable than opposable thumbs!

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Stay safe and knowledgeable with these RFID-blocking passport and credit card sleeves, courtesy of Funky Leisure and The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook, courtesy of author Shannon O’Donnell the A Little Adrift blogger.

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