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The World's Greatest Road Trips

There’s still something very mythical and romantic about a road trip. The spontaneity, the adventure or simply the endless conversation and banter with those dear to us, the whole idea of road trips will always hold a soft spot in our souls. Here, then, are some of the very best you can partake in.

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Top 5 Travel Tips for Italy

One of the most culturally rich countries in Europe, Italy is a nation of historical legend and geological distinction. With the romantic Venice, the rolling hills of Tuscany, and the bustling tourist hotspot that is Rome, it’s no wonder this is a must-see corner of the world for many people. Here are a few tips so you know what to expect when planning your trip.

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Road Trip: European Adventure

Are you a culture lover? Do you crave the romance of old European cities can provide? Then this may be for you! The focus of the final addition of our ‘Road Trip’ series focuses on the Grand European Tour, a route steeped in history and romanticism which will blow you away. Hire a convertible and take this trip in the summer and you certainly won’t regret it!

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Bucket List: Nick Packham - Cambodia Country Coordinator

As country coordinator for Frontier Cambodia Nick has been busy overseeing the site set up on the island of Koh Smach. When not getting camp ready for 2013 volunteers, Nick has been musing his Top 5 things to do before he kicks the bucket. Get some inspiration for your own list here.

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Road trips and volunteering

Concluding the road trip as the definitive way of travel, Frontier has recently established three new road trip projects that involve learning about the culture of a country whilst on the road with volunteering.

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