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Why Dolphin Conservation Is So Important

Happy National Dolphin Day! In honour of this awareness day for one of the world’s most endearing animals, it’d be appropriate to look at some of the risks that are facing our marine mammal friends.

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The Himalayas: Animal Wonderland 

A report released by WWF earlier this month revealed that over 200 new species have been discovered in the Himalayas over the last six years. Along with the vast and wonderful array of species that had previously been discovered in the region these new findings ensure the Himalayas place as a must-see location for wildlife fanatics.

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Amazing Animal Behaviour: Hunting Tactics

With Valentine’s over and done with for another year, we can now move away from the realm of romance. So today we’re bringing you the ultimate hunting guide, telling you about some of the fascinating ways Earth’s creatures have developed to sustain themselves at the expense of their helpless prey.

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Return of the pink dolphins