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How the Shoe Industry is Supporting our  Oceans

Plastic has afflicted our oceans for what feels like an eternity. Considering the poignant message given to us by last week’s Blue Planet 2 episode, so much more needs to be done about plastic pollution plaguing our oceans. Sir David Attenborough has stated that, along with global warming, plastic is the biggest threat to ocean conservation.

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How To Make Your Lifestyle Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly isn’t about drastic change and massive overhaul. It’s not about spending loads of extra money in the hope of making it back someday. It’s not about sacrificing how you live your life. It really can be done with just a few small changes that you'll barely notice.

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Style & Kit: Water-to-Go Water Purification Bottle

Reducing the amount of plastic we use can help reduce the amount of waste that is produced and ends up damaging our environment, or in the ocean.

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How to save sea turtles from at home and abroad

Globally, the increase in plastic use is having serious problems on wildlife because of the large amount of time it takes to biodegrade, and the toxic additives it adds to the ocean.

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