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QUIZ: Can You Guess The Population Of These  Cities?

More than half of the world's population supposedly live in urban areas and these cities are the biggest examples. So, can you guess the population?

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A Week Of Mass Migration, Population Rise And Political Changes: 21st June – 27th June 2016

This past week has seen the poisonous Lionfish species spread through the Mediterranean, a return of Hazel Dormice to the United Kingdom, a proposed plan to relocate hundreds of migrating Elephants set in place and the aftermath of Brexit. Here’s your weekly Frontier environment news roundup:

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The Skyward Future Of Vertical Cities

One factor that contributes to our changing climate is our expanding population. Increasing numbers means increasing demands for space, food and power. In response, some ingenious people contributed to writing a book about solving the problem. They called it, the Vertical City.

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