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The charismatic megafauna  problem

Charismatic megafauna – a.k.a. cute, recognisable and fluffy (mostly) animals - have become the customary flagship species for most conservation groups and steal the spotlight when it comes to media attention.

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US Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Agreement: What Next? 

In June 2017, President Trump announced his withdrawal of the United States from the COP21 Climate Accord, making it one of only three countries that did not sign the agreement. Naturally, this action was met with frustration by parties, politicians and civilians all over the world.

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QUIZ: Which Ocean Mammal Are  You?

Ocean Mammals rely on the sea for their existence but unlike fish they breathe air and nurse their pups. Some of them can survive on land as well as in the ocean. Find out which Ocean Mammal you are most likely to be!

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Who’s Flying the Flag for Conservation?

Today Into the Wild is looking at who’s flying the flag for conservation. Yes we’re going to be looking at those flagship conservation species that are teetering on the brink of exticntion. 

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