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The Philosophy Of  Conservation

There are many branches of philosophy, within which an entire web focuses on how we humans think and feel about the natural world. Yet, despite several philosophical movements and advancements over centuries, we still fail to agree on the level of respect and care nature deserves.

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Gender Diversity Around The World

Gender diversity, fluidity and expression is an integral part of human history. Unfortunately these ideas have oftentimes been lost or suppressed in the past, but there are some cultures that still honour these ancient traditions today.

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Standing Rock: A Year Of Solidarity

Four words have resonated through 2016, summing up one of the most prominent environmental demonstrations in history. The North Dakota Access Pipeline violated the indigenous rights of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, attracting thousands of protesters to stand in defiance...

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How to be a Global Active Citizen 

In 2000, 8 goals were chosen. It was hoped that by tackling these, it would contribute to making the world a better place. These were known as the Millennium Development Goals, set to take us into 2015, but what happens post 2015?

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6 Different ways to greet each other across the world

Everyone knows that communication can be difficult when travelling abroad due to the language barrier. Signs and gestures are commonly relied on to greet and talk to people. Here's some basic greeting gestures can have very different meanings in different countries.

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