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Travelling  Patagonia

Patagonia is the name given to a region of southernmost South America that spans parts of Chile and Argentina; it includes the most southerly land on the plant other than the Antarctic. It is a sparsely populated area and therefore it is largely unspoiled by human activity and full of natural wonders for travellers to explore.

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World Penguin Day

April 25th is World Penguin Day. Yes, these flightless, waddling birds have endeared themselves to humans for many centuries

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Antarctica: A New Frontier

Antarctica is a frozen, windswept continent, with no permanent inhabitants residing on the frozen planet because of its hostility and remoteness.

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Volunteer Photo of the Week

Every Monday we do our best to distract you from your back-to-work blues by bringing you a Volunteer Photo of the Week, and as it's the end of the month, we're asking you to vote for your favourite from October over on the Frontier Official Facebook page. This week's winner was taken by Adam Brierley on Frontier's South Africa Wildlife Conservation Volunteer project earlier this year.

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Wildlife Photography – Day 2

Continuing this week’s wonderful theme of wildlife photography, today we profile the work of another Frontier favourite: Roger Hooper.

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